Target Sectors

Advantage: North Central Illinois
Profit-making businesses are taking advantage of the strategic location, world-class infrastructure, outstanding transportation, well-educated workforce, innovative technology sector, and proven advanced manufacturing success.  Illinois has the most diverse economy in America...with the fifth highest GDP in the nation. This dynamic Midwest state is consistently one of the Top Manufacturing, Foreign Investment, Logistics, and Exporting states in the USA. Home to 34 Fortune 500 companies, 12 Fortune Global 500 companies, and more than 400 major corporate Headquarters, Illinois is considered a mecca for Business Growth. 

  • Third Largest Intermodal Port in the World - just 60 minutes from North Central Illinois Region
  • Number One Distribution Logistics Location in the United States 
  • 42 percent of North American consumers are less than a 2 day's drive
  • 29 percent of North American Industry is within 1 day's truck delivery
  • Number one largest producer of agricultural products in the USA
  • Highest Education Ratios in the Midwest

North Central Illinois, only 90 minutes from Chicago, has targeted the following sectors for regional growth:  Advanced Manufacturing, Food Processing and Agribusiness, Industrial Machinery and Fabricated Metals, Transportation and Logistics, Life Sciences and Health Care, Business and Professional Services, and Energy.

Click here for more information on identified industries for targeted growth from the Illinois Department of Commerce

 Advanced Manufacturing

107 Companies - 7,219 Employees

Advantages: Skilled Workforce, Proven Success, Transportation Network, Market, Low Cost Utilities, Training and Education Institutions

Proven Success including Martin Engineering, SABIC Innovative Plastics, Advantech B+B SmartWorx, Owens-Illinois, Carus Group


AgriBusiness and Food Processing

35 Companies, 1,873 Employees

Advantages:  Raw Materials, Skilled Workforce, Global Multi-Modal Transportation including Navigable River, Proven Success, Market, Low Costs

Proven Success including  Del Monte, Cargill, ADM, Tyson Foods, DuPont-Pioneer, Monterrey Mushrooms, ColorPoint Nursery


Transportation, Logistics, Distribution

140 Companies, 4,585 Employees

Advantages: Number One Logistics Center in North America, Location, Market Access, Multi-Modal Transportation including Rail, Interstate, Air, Navigable River,  Low Operating Costs

Proven Success including Ace Hardware Distribution, Wal-Mart Distribution, Kohls Distribution, Pet Smart Distribution, JC Whitney Auto Parts Distribution, SuperValu Foods Advantage Logistics


Machinery and Fabricated Metals

66 Companies, 5,160 Employees

Advantages:  Skilled Labor, Market Access, Low-Cost Utilities, Centralized Supply Chain, Global Multi-Modal Transportation Network, Low Operating Costs

Proven Success including Allegion, Mennie's Machine, HCC Machinery, Unytite, Maze Nails, American Nickeloid, Ottawa Dental Lab


Life Sciences

75 Companies, 2,595 Employees

Advantages:  Market, Skilled Labor, Educational Institutions, Reliable low-cost utilities, Transportation, Quality of LIfe

Proven success including OSF Healthcare, St. Margaret's Hospital, Illinois Valley Community Hospital, Perry Memorial Hospital, Morris Hospital, Rivershores Healthcare


 Business and Professional Services

68 Companies, 1,375 Employees

Advantages: Skilled Workforce, Education, Training, Diversified Economic Base, Market Access to Chicago and Midwest, Transportation, Quality of Life

Proven success including Teleperformance Call Center, Cristal Metals R&D, HR Imaging Partners, LKCS Marketing Consulting, Clifton Larson Allen LLP, Chamlin & Associates



26 Companies, 2,010 Employees

Advantages:  Raw Materials,  Skilled Labor, Government-Private Sector Coordination, Transportation, Market Access, Low Operating Costs

Proven success including  Exelon Power, Dynegy, Marquis Energy, Corn Belt Energy, BioPro Mendota, Ameren


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