Interactive Data Map of North Central Illinois

Highway Map of North Central Illinois and Metro Chicago - GoogleMaps
Highway Map of North Central Illinois - GoogleMaps
Highway Map of Illinois - Illinois Department of Transportation

Railroad Map of North Central Illinois

Enterprise Zone Maps
The Illinois Enterprise Zone Program is designed to stimulate economic growth and neighborhood revitalization in economically depressed areas of the state through state and local tax incentives, regulatory relief and improved governmental services.

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Foreign Trade Zone Map


The Rockford Area EDC administers FTZ #176 (Foreign Trade Zone #176) on behalf of the Chicago Rockford International Airport.

The FTZ program is a partnership of the U.S. government and private sector importers. Each approved location is specially-designated area and considered to be outside of U.S. Customs territory. For that reason, when cargo arrives in the country for an FTZ operator, it does not immediately clear Customs. The cargo receives preferential treatment with duties deferred, reduced or eliminated. In addition, there are supply chain, inventory control and other savings available through the FTZ program.

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