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Labor Shed Commuting Population- 60 minute drive-time radius 786,005
Labor Shed Commuting Workforce in North Central Illinois 410,925
Unemployment Rate 4.8 %
Available Unemployed Workforce within 60 minutes commute 19,725
Median Age  36.7
Population with College Degree 33.7%
Population with Some College Education or College Degree 58.0%
Average Household Income in Workforce Area $ 79,688
Average Manufacturing Earnings $ 53,559
Average Occupation Earnings $ 41,300
Average Manufacturing Turnover 5.5%

 “Northwest IL Community College Partnership – For the Best Workforce”

The Northwest Illinois Community College Partnership represents the most robust and skilled workforce in North America. Illinois’ unmatched
productivity is well documented, and demonstrated by companies which continue to invest in Illinois, citing the state’s workforce strengths: 
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BEST Inc. - Business Employment Skills Team - Illinois Workforce Area #4

Business Employment Skills Team Serving Northwest Central Illinois

Northwest Central Illinois


Labor Market REPORTS
Radius of Interstate 80 and Interstate 39 Interchange (Center of the Region)

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