North Central Illinois offers the transportation advantages that your company needs to serve a growing regional, national, NAFTA, and global marketplace. Directly served by Interstate 80 and Interstate 39, plus the navigable Illinois River, North Central Illinois is part of a primary North American transportation and logistics center. This region, including Metro Chicago, is not only the nation's railroad hub and home to the world’s busiest airport, but we are also the third largest volume intermodal port region in the world! North Central Illinois puts your business in the middle of the finest transportation system in the world. 


Top Gateways for International Freight

Airport Information
Chicago OHare International
Chicago Midway International
Central Illinois Regional Airport - Bloomington
Peoria International Airport - Peoria
Quad City International Airport - Moline
Illinois Valley Regional Airport - Peru - charter and private aircraft

Airlines Link
Chicago OHare Airport Commercial Airlines
Chicago Midway Airport Commercial Airlines
Bloomington Commercial Airlines
Peoria Commercial Airlines
Quad Cities Commercial Airlines

Overnight Parcel Delivery Service

Overnight Parcel Services

Last Pickup Princeton
Last Pickup LaSalle-Peru
Guaranteed Delivery Major Cities in North Central Illinois
DHL - Airborne Express 5:30 6:00 12 noon
Federal Express 6:00 5:30 10:30 a.m.
United Parcel Service 5:00 7:00 12 noon
Emery Worldwide 5:00 6:00 12 noon
US Postal Service 5:00 5:00 12 noon

UPS    Fed Ex    Emery    DHL    U.S. Postal Service

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