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North Central Illinois Economic Development Corp.
A Public-Private Marketing Partnership that is Focused on the Future

Marketing the Region for New Jobs and New Business Capital Investment

"This is another example of where Regionalism works," said Ottawa attorney and former Mayor Bob Eschbach.  "There's no way individual counties and communities would have the budget to do what NCI does, but together by contributing along with some private companies, we've been able to create the budget that lets us market the area the way it needs to be marketed." 

Successful Marketing Initiatives




NCI is an Active Sponsor of primary Broker and Consultant associations:


Our partners at City Halls and local Chambers of Commerce are doing a Great Job in Promoting the Region for Business Retention, Commercial Development, and existing business expansion. Only NCI is doing the Major Marketing Effort Necessary to Attract New Industrial and Technology Investment, New Tax Revenue and New Good Paying Jobs to North Central Illinois. Nobody else in the State is doing what NCI is doing: actively marketing to Site Selectors Guild Consultants, Corporate Executives, and Top Brokers with CoreNet Global, SIOR, and AIRE associations; advertising; and promoting at Industrial trade shows.

It takes Contacts. It Takes Coordinated Marketing. It Takes Investment

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