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Resilient and Strong Pilkington Glass

Published Wednesday, April 19, 2017 10:00 am

 On the evening of Tuesday February 28th, North Central Illinois was experiencing warmer than usual weather during the last 2 weeks in February. Unforunately, the weather changed quickly and rain storms and tornadoes hit the area. The hardest hit areas, which experienced tornado destruction, was in Naplate and Ottawa. The path of the tornado crossed over the Illinois River multiple times and damaged a glass factory, Pilkington glass factory.  Employees were present at the factory when the tornado hit, and there were no reports of any injuries, according to The Times News Paper in Ottawa. (Insert link :

Pilkington North America manufactures and markets glass and glazing products for the architectural and automotive markets. Its sales are made up of 70 percent automotive products (57 percent Original Equipment and 43 percent Automotive Glass Replacement) and 30 percent architectural. (Visit Pilkington website)  The factory was in the process of expanding their facility with adding on additional buildings. The name Naplate was created by combining the name of the primary employer, National Plate Glass Company into Naplate. Here are some of the images, showing the aftermath of the tornado hitting Ottawa and Naplate in Illinois.  (Click for photos).  The village is coming together to rebuild after the destruction of the February 28th tornado.

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