Nanotechnology, the science and technology of precisely controlling the structure of matter at the molecular level, is widely viewed as the most significant technological frontier currently being explored. 

Materials and devices at the nanoscale hold vast promise for innovation in virtually every industry and public endeavor including, health, electronics, transportation, the environment national security, and has been heralded as the "next industrial revolution."

Nanotechnology Research Facilities 

Equipment needed to create and work with nanoparticles can cost of millions of dollars and is often beyond the reach of individual universities and businesses. Fortunately, significant investment has been made in local research facilities. As such, the Chicago metro area is positioned to become a major center for the nanotech industry.

  • Institute for Nanotechnology
    Northwestern University - Evanston, Illinois
    The $34 million dollar, 40,000 square-foot Institute for Nanotechnology was established as an umbrella organization for the nanotechnology research efforts at Northwestern University.

  • Institute for Bioengineering and Nanoscience in Advanced Medicine (Proposed)
    Northwestern University - Chicago, Illinois
    Northwestern University has also decided to establish the interdisciplinary Institute for Bioengineering and Nanoscience in Advanced Medicine (IBNAM) that will bridge the frontiers of medicine, engineering and science.

  • The Microfabrication Applications Laboratory and MicroFluids Center 
    University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, Illinois
    The Microfabrication Applications Laboratory and MicroFluids Center (MALMC) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is a leading research and development laboratory dedicated to the application of integrated circuit and fiber optic technology.

  • Materials Center
    University of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois
    The University of Chicago Materials Center (UCMC), one of the premier NSF-Materials Centers in the U. S., focuses on group projects of technological importance at the forefront of materials science.

  • The Materials Science Division 
    Argonne National Laboratory - Batavia, Illinois
    The Materials Science Division (MSD) at Argonne National Laboratory carries out collaborative research on a variety of problems, including superconductors, magnetics, ferroelectrics, organic crystals and diamond coatings.

  • Center for Nanoscale Materials (Proposed) 
    Argonne National Laboratory - Batavia, Illinois
    The proposed Argonne Center for Nanoscale Materials, constructed under the national Nanotechnology Initiative, would support research and nanafabrication, including Argonne programs and academic and industrial efforts throughout the Chicago region.
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