Business Profits Soar
Talented Workforce
Productive Sustainability
Manufacturing Excellence
Multi-Modal Transportation
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Where Eagles Fly - Business Profits Soar!  North Central Illinois is known for Soaring Eagles and Growing Businesses.  This is the Dynamic Midwest Location of Choice to turn Plans into Profits.   Only 90 minutes from Chicago, this 2,200 square mile region offers Proven Business Success with 7,000 companies, central access to a 42 million population market, a commuting-area workforce of 410,000 people, prime full-service Business Parks, Nationally-recognized Logistics, Advanced Technology, and World-class Multi-modal Industrial Sites.  North Central Illinois is where Eagles Nest, Workers Excel, Families Thrive, and Businesses Profit.

Quick Facts

#3 State with Most Corporate Business Expansions in the Nation - Site Selection #1 Top U.S. Distribution Logistics Location - Northern Illinois - Area Development #1 Largest Dry Mill ETHANOL plant in the United States #5 Best Place to Start a Business in Illinois - Peru - Nerd Wallet #4 U.S. State for Manufacturing - National Association of Manufacturers
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